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about me

Welcome to my world of creativity and design ... It's nice to meet you and thank you for checking out my page!

I'm Renee, a long-term lover of interior design and real estate, a Mama to 2 gorgeous/energetic boys and a wife to a multi-talented husband. 

I have always had a passion for interior design, in fact you could say it's been my hobby! I love redesigning spaces in our home to freshen them up ... it gives you that feeling of falling in love with your home again :)

Every time my husband and I walk into a house, restaurant or cafe, my mind starts racing and I begin to explain to him all the things I would do if we owned it :) and yes ... we are still married!

I remember as a child, my Mum and I would always redo my bedroom ... a fresh new colour on the walls with new furniture to match. I think it runs in the family, as to this day my Nan is still repainting her kitchen to mix things up :)

Hey there!

My Story

My creative journey began in the enchanting world of wedding and event styling. Guided by an innate sense of style and an eye for detail, I had the privilege of creating stunning weddings that reflected the personalities and love stories of each couple. Alongside weddings, I designed and styled many corporate events, that gave me the freedom to use my creativity from conception to completion.

I revelled in the art of transforming spaces. Creating grand entrances, meticulously designed table centres, and stunning room decor, giving the guests memories that would last a lifetime.


As my path unfolded, I realized that my passion for design extended beyond the realm of weddings and events. I found myself drawn to the art of interior design – the ability to create harmonious spaces that not only looked beautiful but also felt inspiring and functional. This realization marked the turning point that led me to the hobby of transforming my own spaces and eventually to pursuing a new avenue in the world of digital interior design.


Armed with my experiences as a wedding and event stylist, my passion for transforming spaces, my love for design, and some real estate investing along the way, I have embarked on a mission to inspire others to create a space that reflects who they are and bring them joy.

My journey has been one of evolution, creativity, desire and growth. I invite you to join me as I transition into the world of digital interior design to help inspire you to turn your house into a home!

Together, we can create spaces that tell stories, evoke emotions, and give you memories that will live forever!

Renee xo

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